Komondor Puppies for Sale

My goal as a breeder is to promote the Komondor’s rare and majestic uniqueness for show potentials, pet companions, and working livestock guard dogs. They are highly affectionate, devoted to family as their flock, and great guardians to their environment.

The present litter of 5 females and 2 males is out of Arctic Fire at Forty Below and Mossy Falls Matilija Poppy. All puppies are microchipped, registered with the AKC, have up to date vaccinations, have been de-wormed, and have started their crate training. Buyers of puppies should be aware that the dogs need to be socialized, out and around town, and acclimated to all grooming such as cleaning out ears, cutting nails, washing and brushing, clipping hair between toes, and the like. They also need to be in a stimulating environment while being treated as family house dogs. Komondors are excellent with children and other family pets.

I encourage all prospective puppy owners to do their research and be prepared with questions to ask. For new owners who do not know the Komondor breed, I will be available to advise you through the life of your dog.



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